TSS Stainless Steel Brush Stand 30x50mm for Simpsons Classic CL1 CL2 Commodore X1 X2 X3 Duke 1 Emperor E1 E2 E3 55 56 57 58 Keyhole KH2 KH3 KH4 PJ1 PJ2 Tulip TL1 TL2


Stainless Steel Stand for Shaving Brush | 30x50mm Brush Gate | Fits Many Simpsons Models

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This stand’s born to try and hold most common-range brushes by their handle “waist”, meaning ideally you’ll insert handle in stand’s gate at its narrowest point [aka the ‘waist’ of the brush].  Gravity takes effect until the 30mm diameter spot upon the handle’s reached, and there’s still clearance below keeping the knot canopy above the stand base.

Surely there are many others, but we can confirm here to you that Simpsons Classic (both models), Commodore (all three!), Duke #1, Emperor (all three!), 55, 56, 57, 58, Keyhole #2/3/4, Persian Jar #1/2, and Tulip #1/2 can all be held by their waists rather than at their handle/knot borders.

Quite the feat!

  • Satin-finished stainless steel.
  • Flush rubber liner for the bottom.
  • At 155 grams, it will take on your wet brush without flinching.
  • Brush gate is 30x50mm.
  • Approximately 109mm from surface of brush-holding plane to top of base
  • Consumes ~50x93mm of countertop.

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