TSS Straight Razor Honing Solution Tool .step File | 9x11x0.5″ Lapping Plate | Produces Convex Razor Hones for Concave Razor Bevels


TSS Straight Razor Honing Solution Tool .step File | 9x11x0.5″ Lapping Plate | Produces Convex Razor Hones for Concave Razor Bevels


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Maybe you know someone who works with CNC/3D processes who’s got some extra metal or acrylic laying about, or some other way to produce this shaped part on the cheap?  If so, have at it!  All I ever wanted from this is for people to be shaving more happily, so we’d sell more razors.  Prototyping this thing and producing it was expensive, and we’ve sold a few hundred of this part, given away a few, it is never going to be something that can turn a profit, and that was never the aim.  The aim was to not lose $ and to help people alert others to what they’re missing.

Before the internet age, working professionals straight razor sharpeners used fine wheels or wheel-shaped hones to sharpen the razor so that the bevel itself would be concave.    Don’t believe that because everything you read in shaving-centric forums says your stones must always be flat?  Well, read what the world’s largest abrasives manufacturer wrote in 1934 – on printed page 12 {14/56 in PDF form} they state “…Fig. 2 is exaggerated a little to show exactly like the razor is the correctly ground bevel of a chisel – both are concave.” 

Until this contraption came along, however, keeping a wheel-shaped whetstone at home wasn’t exactly an easy endeavor, even if it was better for your shaves.   The pros used wheels, and men used strops and hones at home, generally trying to keep them as flat as they could manage, and when their edges got too thick they’d return to the professionals for “razor concaving” in their resharpening.

This metal shaping tool works with whetstones + sandpaper (that you also must purchase, and which we do not sell) to ultimately allow you to hone straight razors better than you ever can without this tool.   Believe it, or not, as you see fit.  You provide the sandpaper, sharpening stones, and razors; we’re providing two reference shapes.  This tool’s a one-trick-pony; it’s just a specific-shape(s)-maker, but you’ll find that shapes turn out to be costly to source ‘in nature’.   It is an expensive aluminum hunk to produce, package, and ship one by one, but it is the only one of its breed and you only buy it once for a lifetime.   A wheel shape’s always been best to present to razor edges; there just wasn’t a way for the razor “home honemeister” to keep a strict wheel shape.

The belief here is that YOU via this lapping plate will be able to hone a straight razor BETTER than The Superior Shave, EASILY.    Believe that, or not, as you see fit.   Read those screenshots related to our honing and decide if you’re being “worked” like in ‘pro wrestling‘, if it’s a bunch of shill nonsense, or real.    At this shop, there’s firm belief nothing affects straight razors’ shaving comfort equally to preparing them to be their most flexible.   Unfortunately, few honers-for-hire or shaving-forum-enthusiasts understand this (but not this guy, he bought one!), for they’ve been taught not to explore this concept, that it’s some cannibalism-like taboo, which is absurdly silly.   Your razor is your tool to consume as you see fit, remember that!  #thinkforyourself  #alwaysquestion

Shaping a hone with length toward the 9″ axis of this plate produces a wheel-shaped surface of short diameter (best to thin your bevel) with a very girthy large diameter across the width (so that it is nearly flat and never concave across your stone’s width, ensuring one continuous contact patch). 

Shaping a hone toward the 11″ axis produces a ‘skinny long ellipse’, a long diameter surface stone with short diameter across the stone; this is done for the feedback advantages it provides in finishing a razor, as well as for keeping a small amount of convexity over the stone’s length to in turn assure that you never end up with a razor with a convex tip, however slight.

In addition to stones, you can also shape wood or acrylic and use that wood or acrylic to back strops or lapping films to embed with pastes/sprays.

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