Vintage Carborundum 108 Hone ~8x2x0.75″ Razor Hone Sharpening Stone | Includes Dedicated Shaping Plate to Make Convex


Includes Shaping Plate.  You Do the Labor.  Have Fun.  It is Misery (Shaping Them).

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The fine surface of this vintage Carborundum 108 whetstone can be formed to be a convex ellipse, with its surface down the ~8″ length of the stone raised by ~5.3mm in a respectably-smooth curve.   To do that requires abrasives, the special forming tool included in this sale, and hard manual labor.

If your put your razor’s spine 90° to this surface’s length and rub upon it with your spine and edge on that curved plane, you’ll be affecting your razor’s bevel at its furthest point from the spine, which will over time be a surprisingly effective little tool for *thinning* your razor.

You likely did not know this [b/c the exact opposite is confidently & heavy-handedly espoused on every str8rzr-centric internet forum], but str8rzrs’ bevels are supposed to be concave for best performance and longevity.   Don’t believe it?   [email protected]@k at the pictures here taken from the 1934 book from the world’s largest abrasives manufacturer who supplied the best vintage razor factories their sharpening wheels… Could it be possible the world’s largest abrasives manufacturer and supplier of the tools used by the vintage Victorian Era razor factories might know something the self-appointed and self-taught shaving forum experts do not?   Read the gobs of screenshots of customers’ praise all from here in 2021 when I began seriously shaping the shop’s stones to be smaller wheels upon the honing SKU and decide for yourself if it makes any sense that so many people would go out of their way to contact us (all unsolicited, we never contact you unless you contact us first!) versus the assuredly-small volume we move of product.

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Dimensions 8 × 3 × 2 in