VP Leonhardy 1861 Boar Brush | Plastic Handle | ~16.5x55mm Banded Boar Knot with Clipped Ends | Made in Germany ¡SALE!


Appropriate to leave in the shower.

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I was once told (by VP) that this brush is appropriate for keeping in the shower, its textured and torpedo-ey plastic handle especially grippy with a wet hand and ardent against the influences of temperature and humidity extreme one tends to find in the shower.

Black/white/red ridged elongated oval plastic handles.   Soft as a prison toothbrush with its bristle ends trimmed down to the nub to use as a shiv.    Sheds with every use.   The knot’s about 16.5mm wide and 5.5cm high out of the handle.

Sadly, because of the new >COVID rules for importation putting a very strict limit of 24 dead animal products per box, this makes no more sense for us to import, even though it was always something with a bit of charm in these eyes.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 in
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