Zahn-Pinsel PB958 Round Powder Brush | Made in Germany


  • 7.75″ Length Handle
  • 20x48mm Round Knot
  • Squirrel Hair
  • Made in Germany

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The PB958 Round Powder Brush is Zahn-Pinsel’s best, and like the others is used for applying blushes and powders to the face, neck, and neckline.

Its 20x48mm rounded knot is made from ultra-premium squirrel hair; there’s nothing in the world softer or better at taking in and applying the powder.

All the natural hair models do work in a way different enough for any user to notice that they’re not synthetics, but even among that group the squirrel hair’s the apogee of the powdering models.  It removes excess powder well. and can help in properly matting the complexion.

We hope anyone lucky enough to get this would have some semblance of its exclusivity.

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