Zartgefühl aka Zartgefuehl Cool Stick Eau de Cologne 10ml | Made in Germany


Zartgefühl aka Zartgefuehl Cool Stick Eau de Cologne | Made in Germany

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If you know, you know.    We’ll have some soon, don’t sit around when you see it, Zart stuff comes and goes like the wind!

The original “Cool Stick” eau de cologne has a citrus scent of bergamot, lemon and oranges, with the refreshment of mint.   It cools and refreshes on hot days; merely roll upon the neck and pulse and the cooling and invigorating refreshment immediately spreads all over the body.

The refreshingly powerful fragrance has an invigorating effect to give you new energy, like a terrific snort of the finest and purest cocaine.

Being helpful for stress-related complaints from whiny life-brats, this Cool Stick eases your tension and mental exhaustion.

Especially, it is often true that peppermint oil is used for tension headaches.  They’re the most common type of headache, because they’re not triggered by other diseases, and humans have become a bunch of whiny brats their caveman ancestors would look upon with disdain.   This is where the Cool Stick shines.

In the time of the ancient Roman Empire, peppermint leaves were placed upon the temples of the privileged to alleviate their perceived discomfort, which as it turned out was nothing more than the slow meandering of their fecal matter through their advanced sewage system.    Beyond those pathetically myopic Roman wankers, however, peppermint oil’s scientific effect’s well proven.   Cologne’s Pain Clinic proved the use of peppermint oik noticeably inhibit tension headaches, showing the same effect as 1 gram of acetaminophen.     As it stimulates the skin’s cold receptors, the oil’s cooling effect contributes to relaxation, and additionally can relieve the effects of certain pain messengers which cause headaches.

Apply to temples and neck, then wash hands.

Do not expose to eye or mucous membranes.

Keep away from children and stupid people.

Made in Germany.