Zartgefühl aka Zartgefuehl Cute & Mundane Deo Balm Deodorant 50ml Tube | Made in Germany


Zartgefühl Cute & Mundane Deo Balm Deodorant 50ml | Made in Germany

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If you know, you know.    We’ll have some soon, don’t sit around when you see it, Zart stuff comes and goes like the wind!

This deodorant balm you rub into your underarm and it smells great and works, with the signature familial ‘Cute & Mundane’ mandarin orange odor.  This one comes in a 50ml tube, as opposed to a tub where you can easily get the last bit out but have to physically interact with all of it to apply it as the trade.

It is perishable, though, so keep it away from heat; Zart don’t do stabilizers or preservatives.

It does not burn or itch,  and smells very fresh, discreetly, even after several hours.   It’s entirely suitable for sensitive skin, even immediately after shaving.    It doesn’t contain aluminum salts or parabens, and is basic with pH approximately 8.5.   It protects against armpit wetness and sweat odor through an organic principle of action based on essential oils and herbal extracts.

Plant extracts effectively prevent the enzymatic breakdown of sweat and thus the degradation products that trigger body odor.  A sodium bicarbonate and zinc for protection ensure a mild, well-tolerated and yet safe deodorization.  Perfect care of the sensitive and fine armpit skin – especially after shaving.  The pure nature helps against unpleasant odors: baking soda causes an alkaline environment in which bacteria can only multiply poorly, coconut oil has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect with the lauric acid it contains, shea butter nourishes the armpit skin and makes it soft and supple, argan oil has an odor-neutralising and antibacterial effect.

Zartgefuehl deliberately refrains from using aluminium salts, which affect the pore openings resulting in less sweat when sweating.   Zart deodorant  instead works with baking soda, which increases the pH value and inhibits bacterial growth through the alkaline environment.   Thus, the skin can continue to breathe, the body cleanses itself and remove all water-soluble harmful substances and toxins well…sweating’s healthy.   You just won’t stink when you do so with this, and if you live somewhere arid like Colorado/Arizona/Nevada/Utah/New Mexico/Algeria/etc., you won’t even notice the sweat’s occurring.