Zartgefuehl aka Zartgefühl Körper Soufflé Body Skin Cream | Made in Germany


The richest of the rich.   There is not another balm on the planet that is precisely like this one.   Everybody goes for the Cute & Mundane but they all rock.

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Zartgefühl “KÖRPER SOUFFLÉ” Skin/Body Cream

Expensive as hell if only because you’ll want to snort the whole thing up your nose inside of two months, but if you can find a skin cream that’s richer than the argan-oil-infused stuff shown below, keep it!  They tout on the tub that it is at least 3x richer than the next best item, and I don’t doubt it, though I never got to use that for-astronauts-only stuff of urban legend that the now-40-something-and-yet-still-freakishly-young-looking pop singer reputedly used on her posterior.   I wish I never knew how good it could make me feel, and you will rue the day you ever began using this stuff as the beginning of the end!   Amazing raised to the power of infinity, richness redefined.  Vanilla-y scent.  We can only ship inside the USA.   Don’t try a sample; there’s no unknowing it.

We had some in 2014, and then went a long time without-this company’s not exactly the quickest to respond and everything passes through the amazing sloth of Deutsche Post (you’ll get faster service importing from mass-chaos places like India!)   Anyway, we’d sent some freebies out there to folks abroad without thinking much of it.  Couple of months ago we got an email from a chap in Oz, and it is a pity it wasn’t saved as it was hilarious and best presented word for word…something to the effect of an inquiry of what the body cream sent was called because he’d been applying after working out and had never before enjoyed his skin feeling so good, but the funny part was the sheepish nature of the investigation; it was like he hated having to go on the record asking for more info on the stuff.  Laughed my damn head off and showed my wife and older daughter; they understood, deeply.

This cream’s produced in either 250ml or 200ml sizes, and based on what we have on hand we’ll update your options near the add-to-cart button, as well as stir them into the pictures.

Cute & Mundane” Skin/Body Cream WITH ARGAN

“Cute & Mundane” is an offering based on the scent of California mandarin orange, and trust that when that scent’s described you must remove any notion of any stupid thingy hanging from a car mirror.  This smell is tremendously authentic like all Zartgefühl scents!   Due to the elevated presence of costly Argan oil and the jar size of +25% volume, this one’s more than twice as costly as their ‘standard’ 200ml souffles.


“Love and Kisses” is a core Zartgefuehl collection based on ‘warm bamboo milk’ scent.  250ml

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in
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Cute & Mundane w/ Argan Oil (250ml), Coco Loco (200ml), Love & Kisses (250ml), Girls' Best Friend (200ml)