Zartgefuehl aka Zartgefühl Men’s Secret Beard & Hair Serum Made in Germany


Shares the delicious ‘Men’s Secret’ scent profile with a rich serum for hair and beard.

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Best in show.  Simply heavenly in its richness and penetrative capacity is this hair/beard serum, combined with an intoxicating fragrance, that you’ll want to use some every day.  Zartgefühl sure does know how to make a product smell familiar and seductive.     For a freshly washed and towel dry full thick head of average male length hair, one single pump is more than enough product to ensure a well conditioned appearance, and upon the beard you just use two or three drops, just get that all over your fingertips and massage in to the beard hair and in no time you’ll see the softness, steering capacity, and of course become familiar with the addictive “Men’s Secret” profile.

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