Zartgefühl aka Zartgefuehl Sugar & Spice Facial Soap 200g | Made in Germany


Zartgefühl aka Zartgefuehl Sugar & Spice Facial Soap 100g | Made in Germany ¡11.09.2021 En Route From Germany 1ZY322566658356794! (Copy)

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If you know, you know.    We’ll have some soon, don’t sit around when you see it, the Zart stuff tends to come and go like the wind!  Why the HELL is this one so $$$ (11.10.2021 answer = 200g, not 100g)?  That, I do not know.   Obviously, I’m gonna snort some of my own supply – I’m as much a Zart groupie as the rest of you losers.   I’m sure she has her reasons.   Maybe it is only the essential oils making the ‘Sugar and Spice’ scent.

ZARTGEFÜHL has especially developed their tremendous facial soaps for skin prone to neurodermatitis [chronic itchy/scaly].  It is not only unique in external appearance, it’s also perfect for facial cleansing and bathing.    With a pH of at least 8, it is a pure alkaline facial soap that has the ability to neutralize the harmful acids that the skin excretes as the largest organ of man.   Unique and incomparable!

Why is the DELICATE Face Soap so extraordinary?

ZARTGEFÜHL soaps aren’t common soaps you can buy anywhere in a big box store.  Many soaps advertise being handmade or being made from vegetable oils, but they’re not comparable to ZARTGEFÜHL soaps.    Zart’s soaps are produced in small batches from the interaction of pure vegetable oils with caustic soda in such a way that a uniquely luxurious alkaline facial soap’s created.     Frankly, this has nothing to do with other soaps available on the market.

Unique, sexy, velvety, mysterious – you’ve never seen anything like it, have you?

6 reasons to choose ZARTGEFÜHL facial cleansing soap!
It is proven that they:

  1.  Perfectly cleanses the skin – not only on face, but the whole body
  2.  In most cases, the general appearance of acne-plagued skin improves
  3.  Neutralizes your skin and thus stabilizes it again
  4.  Mattifies the skin to leave a silky soft skin feeling
  5.  Well foamed
  6.  Easy and convenient to use and can be easily rinsed off

How did they make ZARTGEFÜHL facial cleansing soap so that it best cares for your skin?

Zartgefuehl’s a 100%-own-production affair using only shea butter, coconut oil (for the foamy nature of its bubbles), cocoa butter, argan oil, and essential oils for their signature delightful fragrances.   First-class ingredients!   Zartgefuehl likes to say;

If you want something you’ve never had before, you have to do something you’ve never done before.