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The Superior Shave

"Start regretting you have but one face to groom."

~Newish Updates;

-  Dovo's #5003-126 Lady's Set
-  14 New Coticule 'Ringtones'
-  Böker's #140407 'Celebrated' 5/8" Singer
-  SIMPSONS Brushes; 5 'Classic CL2', 7 'Classic CL2', 4 'Emperor 1', and 4 'Emperor 2'
-  12x 'Silver Steel' (#4580), 10x #415875 5/8" (STAINLESS), and 12x 'Dovo Gentleman' (#1215860) Dovo Str8rzrs

Razor Sets, Manicure Sets, & Stuff for Ladies:

Razor Kits Gifts for Her Manicure Sets

Straight Razors & Friends:

Dovo Shavette Straight Razors Straight Razors Sheaths, Cases, & Rolls for Straight Razors
Strops for Straight Razors Belgian Coticule Hones for Straight Razors Sharpening Pastes for Straight Razors
scales and pins vintage barber hones free honing

Safety Razors & Blades:

Golddachs Safety Razor Merkur Safety Razors
Double Edge Razor Blades Muhle KSR icon

Shaving Brushes:

Brush-Cleansing Soap Dovo & Merkur Shaving Brushes TSS 'House Brand' Shaving Brushes
India Boar Shaving Brushes VP Leonhardy Shaving Brushes Omega Shaving Brushes
Simpsons Shaving Brushes Vulfix Shaving Brushes Travel-Specific Shaving Brushes

Shaving/Grooming 'Software', Grooming Tools, & Razor and Brush Stands:

Shaving & Grooming Software Grooming Tools (Nippers/Clippers/Scissors/Files/Combs/Etc) Razor/Brush STANDS, Soap and Lathering BOWLS, MUGS, etc

Scissors (Hair & Otherwise):

Dovo Shears (aka Hair Scissors) Jaguar Shears (aka Hair Scissors) Nippes Solingen
Dovo Shears (aka Hair Scissors) BW Boyd/Utsumi Shears Household Scissors

Extra Stuff:

A Wet Shaving Tutorial

Our Simple Policies

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Hi!  Please consider changing from typical "compelled-to-shave" thinking to anticipating a day's highlight.  We sell a way of life as much as anything else.

"Wet shaving" with one ideal blade upon taut, hydrated skin's quite revealing versus electric/cartridge razors & uninspired foams.

It is slower.  If you've any to spare, however, it is time well spent.  New to this world?  Go ahead and get your little safety razor; you'll step up to a straight razor sooner or later.  Almost everybody does-it is hard not to, it'll be calling your name.  We'll be waiting.

We hope you'll find mild bemusement in a site rich only in equal portions crude infrastructure and honest content.  Here, reading complete sentences instead of scanning text yields a simple reward-knowledge.  Quite old-fashioned, but then that's the preference.  The goal here is simple; to simulate in-person shopping in a small store better than any other site on the 'net.   Within the server you now access, candor is abundant, all products have good and bad points equally brought forth, and you make more informed decisions.  So don't take yourself too seriously, and happy shaving!

ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING f/ USA, PR, & APO/DPO/FPO (USA mil./diplomat mail)

Many ~light/~expensive items include free worldwide shipping via first class mail (=UNTRACKED, tracking costs extra!).  Items w/o free worldwide shipping have their shipping-inclusive prices displayed right on the items themselves (via multiple add-to-cart buttons), avoiding ugly surprises when you find out just how costly it can be shuttling heavy/inexpensive stuff 'round this rock.

We ship (via USPS) every non-holiday weekday, and cutoff for same-day departure is 14:00 EST {= orders approved - not just submitted - from 2:01 PM Fri through 1:59 PM Monday are one identical shipping cycle}.

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