Privacy Policy

This site uses simple scripts and “cookies” to employ the cart function.  You cannot have these functions disabled upon your browser and successfully use the cart, so if you want to buy from us w/o enabling browser scripts you’ll have to send us an email.

Beyond this very limited device, you’re talking to a recluse; we never exchange your information with any other entities, and we’ll not contact you beyond communication needed for order processing unless you ask us to or contact us first.    We’ve never sent a promotional email in over twelve years of operation (I suppose that’s kind of stupid).  We don’t keep lists, because we don’t ever try to contact you (see the recluse statement, above).   If you want the content, come here, or to the YouTube channel, or to have zero commercials you can subscribe to the OnlyFans page, where sadly you for you you won’t see me naked. That’s it. The goal here’s to sell you razors that you keep, so come get it. And down with beards; ya’ll look stupid!