Returns/Exchange:  Owing to the nature of what The Superior Shave attempts to sell you (primarily Personal Use items bearing no tamper seal as either not produced w/ or seals breached for honing / individual stock pics),  returns are generally only accepted for items of non-Personal-Use nature [= household scissors, stands, etc.], or in all conditions where (upon proof provided by you to manufacturer) the item’s deemed defective according to the manufacturer’s own production standards.  


Most inventory at The Superior Shave is of a hand-made nature, where piece-to-piece variances are seen by their longstanding producers as points of pride and guarantee of true “hand of man in the works of man”.  


Owning, using, and caring for carbon steel straight razors is highly demanding, and a new user can easily damage their product despite their best intentions; the items are as thin as a piece of aluminum foil and in many climates will require constant active vigilance (= you must wipe immediately when dry with a proper lubricant) against humidity at some point in the year.  Your razor will certainly rust, on your first use, if allowed – and “allowed” is entirely up to you and your actions.   The Superior Shave does not recognize warranty/defect claims valid without manufacturer’s approval.    

If you wish to buy/try/return Personal Use items for refund without prejudice, we recommend to patronize this retailer, where all you need do is mark your purchase ‘item defective/not as described’ (wink, wink) and the retailer will accommodate you (only because they are not the sellers of record or their suppliers bowed to their market power & agreed to eat those costs as condition of presence on their site, as long as it isn’t THEIR money either way they don’t care…noble pro-customer action!)   

If you believe any item bought from our shop has a defect, show us immediately!  We’ll ask its producers, with all evidence provided.  ‘Olde World’ European makers are candid in stating something is not defective in their view; let’s just say that they won’t suffer fools and they pride in their production.  If they decree an item is not defective or has been misused and thus has expired its Warranty in spite of intentions’ purity, we’ll unfortunately not agree to authorized returns. 

If, however, a manufacturer does agree any defect is present, you will pay $0 to have the problem solved.   Email us; we’ll take care of you, and pay for everything involved (USA only, sorry).   True defects in European cutlery (= recognized by their maker) are rare, ~0.25-0.33%/>12 yrs for us so far or somewhere north of 300 and south of 400 orders, of which shaving brushes are the majority.  


Timmy Asks: “if I get a product from YOU that already has its seal broken, how do I know it isn’t used?!?”

We Answer: Well Timmy, you don’t!  You can only rely on our REPUTATION!   Don’t you think if we’d do that we’d never be direct on this page about personal use cutlery rules (so that we’d scare off as few sales as possible)?  At The Superior Shave, we take your personal guarantee to be the very first user of your new item seriously…anywhere that isn’t upfront about this issue or allows returns on personal use items, not so much.   New means your skin’s first on the business end.

After reading all of this (or just scanning to this paragraph where u c an address), if you feel rules above should not apply and you should thus be entitled to a no-questions-asked return of Personal Use item for any reason you wish (because that’s how it works you-know-where), there’s no need to call, email, or get a “Return Merchandise Authorization”; this is literally a “Mom & Pop” and there’s 2 co-owners, we’ll figure it out and get your return shipping cost back to you (only up to 1st Class Mail amount we’d pay for the same ride).   Send to;


What retailers write on their sites’ ultimately irrelevant if one invokes bank card chargebacks and the like to ge financial way like a “personal responsibility infant”, as parties deciding those disputes care less about carbon steel/personal use drama than you, and have great disposition toward a buyer’s story instead of any lowly vendor’s silly claims.  We don’t even try anymore, they are just a waste of time-you’re literally better off buying a few scratch-offs and muttering to the sky.  Simply mail your item back, we’ll refund and sell used for forced small donation to St. Jude’s b/c we can’t sell new twice   [please don’t be the hilarious-Clark-Howard-urban-legend guy and buy it again].   

Inadvertently dropped/chipped/rusted (but were giving/intending best of care), giving up b/c you didn’t know it was so hard, don’t think the razor/soap/brush is as good as your ___ (and therefore = defective, because you don’t like it),… if you’re good with being assigned label of rules-don’t-apply human so you get your $, we got you, sophisticated modern internet buyer.    And you’re in good company; your thinking likely outnumbers the contrary.   Whatever length of time rope your bank card issuing bank provides in its maximum that you can prove to us, consider that your time limit after purchase from TSS; by default, this will mean +31 calendar days after date of delivery.