ALWAYS  take yourself too seriously, and happy shaving!

Welcome to the e-shop of a straight-razor-devoted ‘mad scientist’ type proprietor.  Some folks dig the odd approach, more loathe it.   This site’s ~easy to find since 2009 and terribly honest; you may learn good and bad things of stock likely untold elsewhere.

We hope you agree (by voting via $) that unique written/photographic content production is the analogy to in-person service which the ‘net allows your internet retailer.   So, we’ll throw jokes in on your content, hoping u laugh, and tip (buy/not buy, no getting laugh = hurts worse); you’ve already been exposed!

Carbon steel open razors require a steep, lengthy learning curve for their reward, in shaving/stropping/honing alike, as well as a high-maintenance anti-rust relationship (or none at all) depending upon your locale.   They’re not for everyone, especially a born-to-internet majority population.  But if you enjoy challenging-rewarding hobbies/pursuits, you’re an ideal straight razor shaving candidate.   Hitting a homer w/ a str8rzr you’ve honed and stropped is a uniquely-satisfying sensation, an aftermath of contentment hard to shake or conceal for hours.   You’ll not normally hit a homer, and you’ll know where you erred.  Whoop dee do; big difference in saying/doing here, and that’ll captivate you, ‘cuz yer certain yer capable.  Everyone’s got explanations for their sub-pars.  Straight razor shaving’s like playing the same old song on the same old violin forever and finding it permanently challenging, no matter how long you’re in that damn cell…but on the tries where you master it note for note, even the warden’s heard clapping over the appreciative din.  It makes you feel like you were born to do it, and it’s just a knife for shaving your face.  Is this for you?