Dovo 31450411 Black Shavette Blade Holder formerly 201003 | For Conventional Double Edge Blades in Dovo Shavette | Made in Germany


Dovo Shavette Transparent Blade Holder 31450411 (for Use with Regular DE Blades, former no. 201003) | EAN 4045284009307

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The DOVO 31450411 Shavette Blade Holder accepts one half of a DE razor blade of any brand.

It accepts any double edge razor blade, whether you buy it from us or from that black hole slowly but surely killing all of us specialists.    Simply leave the DE blade in its little paper, snap it in half with gusto [down the middle of its long axis], and then your blade will have a little bent bit at the division point.  Face the bent bits DOWN inside the 201003 transparent holder for the best fit in the Shavette razors.

As you can see here, and NOT at Bezos’ vending machine, we showed you in great detail how the blade goes into the holder, and how the holder goes into the razor.   You’re still going to buy at Amazon instead, obviously, so for the love of deities, can you *please* click on my linked text above so we at least earn 2% commission?  If we reach $100, they’ll mail me a check.  Not there yet, but one can dream.   You can buy anything with the click, it doesn’t have to be to the linked page, it just needs to be in the same shopping cart session ‘cookie’.

Dovo also offered the 201004 black Shavette holder for their proprietary (discontinued) long blades, and the 201005 green Shavette holder for the Personna Hair Shaper blades.

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