Dovo 31550451 Green Shavette Blade Holder | Exclusively for Holding Personna Hair Shaper Metal Frameback Single Edge Blades | Made in Germany


Dovo Green Shavette Blade Holder for Personna Hair Shaper | EAN 4045284009321

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The Dovo Green Shavette Blade Holder (no. 201005 ) accepts the thicker Personna Hair Shaper frameback single-edge blades.   Sometimes it is referred to as the green shavette insert, Dovo green insert, etc.

You can use this insert with any Dovo Shavette razor such as the 201081.

Personna manufactures the Hair Shaper Blades, and perhaps a few more companies out there make clones.

The Personna Hair Shaper blade is reputedly the durability champ and can mow down the toughest of beards for a long performance cycle.

The Dovo green Shavette blade holder is discontinued and out of production.  We do have many dozens of pieces in stock at the time of this writing, but they cannot be replaced.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in