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French Serum Theophile-Berthon | Stimulates Hyaluronic Acid | 80% Essential Fatty Acids | Against Animal Testing | EAN 3760230250756

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No product has impressed more upon first blush in our entire catalog than this exquisite French serum from Theophile-Berthon.  “Le Serum” is an organic facial serum (aka face oil) made up of two kinds of seaweed and several oils.  Use as a facial primer, a night oil, and a daily moisturizing step to add potency via your beauty blender or fingertips.

Fast-Absorbing Face Primer for 1-Step Beautification

Theophile-Berthon‘s award-winning French serum doesn’t just go on you; it becomes you.   Its disappears inside skin.  The vegan and cruelty-free French face oil penetrates like a 2000s Steve Nash probing half court dribble.  It is made up nearly entirely of oil, but your fingertips are quite dry moments after application. Your skin will immediately appear more full, plump, and less saggy.

A Healthy Component of a Facial Regimen

First, one should always use gentle facial soap before applying any serum (such as Berthon’s liquid facewash or Zartgefühl’s Cute & Mundane Detox Bar.  Thereafter, always seal a facial serum’s lift with richer/thicker moisturizers for an all day advantage.  Berthon’s own Day Cream, Philosophy’s “Hope in a Jar”, etc. come to mind here.  Finally, do consider applying heavier regenerative moisturizer at bedtime (Berthon’s night cream, or 100% argan oil).

Stimulates Hyaluronic Acid

This renewing organic facial serum stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and likewise aids to reduce breakdown of collagen in the skin via the addition of two marine plants.   As a result (and as mentioned before), your skin enjoys improvements in plumpness and lack of sagging.

100% Organic and Cruelty Free Organic Serum

This renewal oil is entirely free of water, silicones, synthetic dyes, or animal fat.  Theophile-Berthon is wholly against animal testing.

Glass dropper bottle, 30ml.

The serum is packaged in a glass bottle with dropper.  Just allow 3 or 4 drops at most to your fingertips, rub together, and thereafter take this slippery serum to your skin, massaging gently in to skin in circular motions.

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