Intense Body Balm Cream Theophile-Berthon | 250ml 8.45 fl oz | Made in France


Intense Body Balm Cream Theophile-Berthon | 250ml 8.45 fl oz | Made in France | EAN 3760230251234

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Kneel before Zod and succumb to the powerful seduction of Théophile-Berthon’s Intense Body Balm.

Super Thick, Long Lasting, Great Smelling

It is not as rich as the Zartgefühl soufflé, but offers a scent with unduly French charm.  It is thick, melting upon and within you.  The balm incorporates olive, grapeseed, and sunflower oils, with shea butter, rice starch, and seaweeds extracts.

The Orange Blossom smell is simply glorious, the sealing properties powerful.  This particular variation, in particular and likely owing its Grasse heritage, smells more of the smaller Mediterranean oranges rather than the wet Florida melons or Cali’s near-siblings.

Great for the Cold!

The Berthon balm will seal chapped elbows, knees, and lower leg regions with the best of them, and without smelling like a medicine chest.   Furthermore, Berthon’s intense body balm absorbs rapidly, and without leaving behind a greasy film.

None of the Common Cosmetic “Baddies’

An original member of the Slow Cosmétique Charter, Berthon espouses the philosophy of ‘Smart, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, and Ethical Skincare’.  SLS, synthetic color, lyral, and BHT are forbidden.    Likewise to the Zartgefühl creams, the standards here at “TSS” are unduly high, and the notion of the ‘bad’ stuff is verboten.  We buy body balm from only two brands!

Try the Dry Serum, Too!

This is heaviest of heavy for “intense” balming, as the product clearly states. On the other hand, if you’d fancy a unique light alternative which penetrates and leaves a ‘dry’ type feel, check out Berthon’s body serum!

98.2% Natural Origin Balm [Parfum Sole Exception]

This body balm has 98.2% of its ingredients from natural origin.  The sole man-made ingredient in the Intense Body Balm is fragrance oil (originating from peerless Grasse, FR).

100% Made in France.   250ml (~8.2oz) Jar.  Against animal testing.   

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