Maître Savonitto Peeling Exfoliating Milled Green Peppermint Tea Soap with Argan Oil 100g Made in France


Maître Savonitto BBSTVMP Exfoliating Milled Peppermint Green Tea Soap with Almond Oil 100g Made in France

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Hard milled palm-based bath soap with green peppermint tea fragrance, cute poplar carton, and exfoliating/scrubbing surface effect.

Savonitto is hardcore old school French; they don’t do English, they don’t do packaging up your stuff, they make what they love and if you want to import some from the Western Hemisphere, sure, they’d love you to have it…but all the logistics are on you (they’ll tell you, only in French, how big your boxes are).  You want the best example yet how truly French these folks are?  They used to have a .com with their name, and they said to heck with that, they don’t need it, and let it expire!   Now they just have a .fr suffix… now that’s French!

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in