NTS Original Solingen Robuso 803B 7″ German Shears Scissors | One Microserrated Edge, One Razor Edge | Burnished Carbon Steel from Historic Forgings | Made in Solingen Germany ¡NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE!


NTS Solingen Robuso German 7″ Shears Scissors | One Microserrated Edge, One Razor Edge | Burnished Carbon Steel, Historic Forgings | Made in Germany

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What a long wait this was!  We’ve awaited this cache to go from being found to a product ~6mos… as it goes in Solingen, they are prone to find a one time cache of some old run of something or other that was half done, and getting old forged stock is always an advantage they’ll seek.   Maybe they like to get drunk as a team, like really drunk, and then they all put their German drunk thinking caps on and as a team come up with a hiding spot for some stock in the factory that works as a time capsule insurance policy for the future grinders of unknown time that manage to unearth them from their dusty and expertly calculated squirrel spot.  You’d think they’re part of the Stonecutters club from that really old Simpsons episode or something by the way they behave as a lot, but one thing managed to be determined is that they (grinders) like older carbon steel forgings, when the accuracy in tolerances of the raw steel formulation, forging pressure and repetition of hammering were each varied.  You try and find it and you get what you get.

The Robuso 803B’s a historic forging of classic style 7″ hair shear hollow ground and honed today in the NTS fashion, labeled “Robuso” here as an apparent deceased appeal to barbers that it was a robust product.  Here we are complete with cheeky shopworn “Made in Western Germany” packaging from whenever this product was forged, and please for the love of humanity do not expect individual pictures of some thirty year old paper that got crinkled on the 1-month ride from DE to FL, too.  Its shop-wear is a feature 😉   One edge (the bottom) is micro-serrated, one razor type (the top), and there are no finger rests nor holes to accept them.  There is a rubber bumper between the rings and the center screw is durable and expertly tensioned.

Grinders view these historic forgings of carbon steel superior in metallurgical properties than the stainless & even carbon of today, because the forging of a scissor and its provenance is a massive influence on its final product.   It makes a more responsive and durable cutting edge.

To allow such excellent old carbon steel to be a daily driver for a US barber today, they have burnished the steel by deliberately oxidizing it in a tightly controlled environment to produce the blackened patina surface; you can use this shear all day for wet and dry cuts, just dry it thoroughly in between use and store dry after cleaning (lightly oil with non food oil for long term storage).  All the grinding work was done today by the NTS master grinders, using the drop forged historic stock of blanks and packaging.

A very special find indeed!  This is a true master scissor at dry cuts, due to the excellent properties of the steel.

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