Random Unsolicited Testimonials from Buyers of Convex Hones or the Special Convex-Hone-Making Lapping Plate of my Invention


Not Knowing’s Just a Starting Point, Not Something to be Ashamed of

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These examples are completely unsolicited communications/actions; I don’t solicit (that’s why I’m such a meager success!) 

What you find in common with each and every anti-convex-hone-er is that…wait for it…they have never tried it themselves!

(“gssxigun” is 100% lying when he says he has, what diameters and what grits?  he’s probably used one stone that was everrrr so slightly convexed and then decreed that’s the same thing as using a 10″ Pike Hard Arkansas wheel from tip to tail.  mathematics majors…what r u gonna do?)

How many thousands of practice jumps had the world’s best straddle style high jumpers performed in 1968, and how many jumps had Dick Fosbury performed?  Did those divergent counts affect the outcome?