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Good Luck Getting This Info on!!!


These emails are absolutely endless, before I ~gave up reselling coticules ~2019 I’m sure my server had hundreds and hundreds of such things.  Some people kept strings of emails going for more than 30 back and forth moves, I mean MULTIPLE dudes without a conscience and one of them in his ‘considering’ phase for about 18 months!  Are they trolling?  Maybe so.

Anyway, what advice I can candidly offer given my years of coticule interaction, I’ll codify as best I can here, and you can “vote with your dollars” to “buy” this item in some other order if it is useful information to you.  I’ll bet you can’t find useful information like this at The River of Fakes, huh?

Happy shaving and always protect your carbon steel (= dry thoroughly, store dry, lightly oil with non-food oil for long-term storage).

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