Sack-Ups Cordura Anti-Rust 7-Razor Straight Razor Roll | Made in USA


Cordura Anti-Rust 7-Razor Straight Razor Roll | Proudly Made in the USA by Sack-Ups of Morgantown, NC

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Based on the fabric of the popular and ugly anti-rust razor sleeves, this Cordura Anti-Rust 7-Razor Roll is 100% produced in the USA, of 100% USA materials, a mixture of silicone-and-oil-treated cotton lined with cordura, robust boot threading, and a hearty strap with touch fastener closure.

There’s 7 gates, each 5″ deep, the middle 5 accommodating approximately ~1.5″ (~39mm), the gate closest the strap ~1.75″ (~45mm), the gate furthest from the strop roughly ~1.87″ (~48mm), so you can mix in some older/bigger razors.  The maximum length of a razor it will accommodate is ~6.75″ (~172mm).  Weighs ~5.1 oz (146g).

You can email us with every manner of every question of any razor produced at any time and whether or not it will fit, and be aware that without the razor in hand we’re all just guessing; the measures provided are the best guess in lieu of having the boot on the ground.

Contrary to what’s published anywhere else, the recommendation here is that you wholeheartedly should *NOT* use any oil on the razors in conjunction with this roll; most oils seal any moisture inadvertently left on the blade, rendering irrelevant the great wicking ability of the silicone/oil/cotton material.

If you’re using an oil that is specified to allow water to pass through (such as Ballistol or QMAXX BLU), by all means feel free to do so, but don’t feel like you need to use any oil this side of a sailboat in Singapore’s harbor.  These things have wonderful anti-rust capacity even as they are.

On the matter of this roll’s anti rust capacity making a reaction to scales, I have never seen any interaction with inert things like micarta.   For timber, sometimes the silicone darkens the wood, and often they cause the wood to become too dry and you need to give the wood some oil or wax etc to keep it from getting so dry that the pinning loosens (Ballistol is excellent for this job).  With horn, it will dry out from the roll (camellia oil is ideal for moistening horn), and on blondeish horns it will lighten them color-wise, but I’ve not seen a dark horn change color-wise.      For bone, it dries them and you should provide camellia or something else colorless occasionally.    I’ve seen rare cases of bones with a lot of marrow stains have their yellow parts become more saturated in the yellow.   Ivory is super sensitive, it functions much as horn.   If it is nice and pale I think the sleeves are perfectly safe, just be sure to observe it doesn’t loosen up on you.   Old celluloid, I’ve never seen any problem.

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