Silicone Treated Anti-Rust Razor Straight Sleeve | Made in USA


Made in the USA by Sack-Ups…Rust Never Sleeps!

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Blessed with as much panache as an ’89 Camry and as fine a worker as that damn tremendous collection of bolts, these mildly-eyesoreing  cotton sleeves protect straight razors from developing rust, tremendously so.   They’re produced by Sack-Ups of Morgantown, NC, USA, using 100% USA materials and labor; we just buy them from Sack-Ups, and sell them to you, at a profit, or “mark-up”.  You’re free to contact them to see if you can get them to supply you some for less than you would pay us to ship them to you at a profit for us; screw those damn profit-seeking wankers anywhere, especially the penis-semi-rocketship dude, and those damn Girl Scouts with their cookies that they sell for more than they pay for ’em!  #downwithprofiteering

If you seek a low-maintenance relationship with carbon steel razors and live in an environment that becomes humid, this sleeve’s a viable path.

Like malaria pills, all you must do is actually use ’em & you’ll have nothing to worry about again; they become less oily over time, but that does not affect their capacity for wicking away moisture, according to their producer.   They’re an effective anti-rust solution for a lifetime; not a barrier prohibiting entry of moisture, but instead a tool which continually draw moisture from the inside to the outside.   Think of the sleeve as creating a reduced-humidity ‘fog’ within and beyond the razor, and the more arid the environment in which the razor is stored, the bigger the ‘safe foggy’ area (and, of course, the more humid the area, the smaller the less-humid zone its wicking capacity achieves).

Always leave the sleeves where they can expunge the moisture to larger environment, and if the larger environ is as crazy-humid as a sailboat or a rainforest (= routinely ~85% relative humidity or higher), we firmly recommend putting the razors/sleeves in an airtight container with fresh silica gel packets enclosed within, regularly ensuring sleeve(s) and desiccants are not touching.

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