Dovo 33004313 ‘Hi-Brush’ Synthetic Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush | ~29x56mm Knot | Cream or Beige Resin Handle, Tall “Barber Style” | Made in Solingen, Germany OUT OF STOCK NO DELIVERY DATE


Dovo 33004313 Shaving Brush | Cream Resin Handle | Made in Solingen, Germany | EAN 4045284009154

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Good news!  The shaving market demand is quickly moving on from badgers.

We’ll still import badgers from France, as the French do have a source that can get European-raised-and-farmed meles meles, not Chinese-raised.

This is not saying that that makes them a different species, because they’re not,  they’re identical as a species.  But a felinus domesticus can look quite different from one to the next, while being technically just a single species, and in a world flooded with Chinese raised meles meles, the French produced meles meles brushes (and *especially* those made by Plisson, who insist on their curious ~pyramid-like brush knot canopy) are the last holdout of “most different”, though I would not say that makes them necessarily better.  Was a Saab 9000 Turbo better than its competition of the time?  Not really.  But it was really, really different, and for some people that will have a singular appeal.

In any event, on to this brush; this is a larger knot with a tall, ‘barber’ type handle.  There’s a DOVO logo on the underside.   This is a large knot and it is meant to simulate silvertip badger, with a relatively broad ratio of its diameter to its loft; taller/skinny brushes move around more and give up the lather more easily and scrub less, shorter/wider brushes steal lather, scrub better, and move around less under load.  The “stock” image from Dovo’s site does not remotely do this beauty justice, and I will quickly update that.  Hell, take my money; not like I need another shaving brush even after losing conservatively 40 in my house fire, but what’s getting just another cat going to change?  Cats are great.

The handle has no ring itself, and the brush knot has no ringlet, which means that this knot is set in to its handle by human hand.

Brushes that have no rings or ringlets, which have to be set in to their handles by human hand, move around a bit better to me.

As a rule, and I don’t care who made the brush, it is hard to find any ringlet-enabled brush that sheds a hair, unless that thing was really abused with soap in its base, mildew, exposed to super heat, twisted/mashed in use, or just perpetually used w/o having a chance to fully dry out.  Ringlet brushes, to the crazy people like me, feel ever so slightly different than all-hand-set brushes.  Comparing the two with badger fur, I can always feel the ringlet-set one to have a teeny tiny zone at the bottom of the knot where it is stiff in a way I do not wish it to be, the fully set by hand brush *can* feel still, similarly, but only if it is given way too much glue.  The stiff at the bottom feeling of a ringlet brush is a different feeling and a uniform one.  For the record, me feeling up this gorgeous brush knot dry/new, it feels pretty stiff at the bottom inner, so I guess the glue quantity is high.

I’ve said too much.  This is a conversation for crazy people, I hope I made that clear from the outset, but if you’ve read this far, you’re probably dabbling in crazy, and frankly, you need to go find something better to do with your time.  They both can work terrifically.

There are a LOT of great modern synth knots coming out these days, even from China.  It is a hyper competitive landscape.  The modern synth knot’s really terrific for function but for one issue, namely that they can only “dance” with water & soap (that’s why they need no presoaking before use), whereas natural hair absorbs moisture directly into the hair follicles via the little shingles and really needs a pre-soak. What that means in use is that, for myself and I’ll bet many, many others, I simply CANNOT use these things without tossing some lather and/or water around the bathroom/sink.

It is a minor, but nonetheless permanently annoying, quibble.   My wife likes to say “you can complain about anything”, and you know what?  She’s right.  I consider it an art form.  I’ve got nothing to complain about Kevin Durant, though.  And Flamingo.  Those dudes are pure unadulterated talent.

So, the demand is moving toward synthetics. Tip softness, lather creation, etc. are just too good.

I don’t know enough about these Dovos to say much more there, they are getting their fibers from within the EU, very likely in Germany, they make the knots themselves (and the handles, or at least they had such machinery in place at their old factory when I saw it, there was the raw rod stock of this handle and I have pics of it), and they machine-set it in afterward on the versions without a ringlet, while the ringlet models get the set-in-by-machine cost-savings step.  I’m sure I will very soon try one on the YouTube, because this thing’s a looker and I like a handle shaped like this.

Weight: 112 grams
Handle Dimensions: 39x79mm
Knot Dimensions: 29x56mm
Overall Height: 135mm

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