Thiers-Issard Combination Super Badger and Boar Shaving Brush | 23.5× Knot, ~69g Weight | Blonde Horn Handle | Made in France


Thiers-Issard Super Badger and Boar Shaving Brush | Blonde Horn Handle | Made in France

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“Extra stuffed” knot with ‘33% more hairs’ that is ‘ideal for thick, hard beards’, this Thiers-Issard Super Badger & Boar brush has a blonde horn handle which is handcrafted by TI themselves at their factory.   CHOOSE YOUR EXACT BRUSH FROM PICTURES OF ACTUAL STOCK!

“Simple to maintain, provides a flexible massage and promotes blood circulation.”

Quite obviously, TI charges the moon and stars for their accessories and especially their scale customizations on the ‘entry-level’ model 1196 Evide Sonnant Extra, so I’d presume we’ll never sell many of these things, and that’s fine.

If you’re a pathetic Francophile apologist, such as this author, there just aren’t many ports of call for a Peugeot 504 anymore, which is a terrible shame.   Those that don’t understand, well, what can we do but feel sorry for them?

These knots are made by hand in France and the badger fur and boar bristles both come from the European Union, *NOT* from you-know-where.  I would not go so far as to say that that is any better than you-know-where-raised, European-assembled badger brushes, but I will say this; before my house fire, I owned about 60-80 various brushes, and only one was from European badger fur.  It was an inexpensive model from France; a lot of my coolest brushes got smoked out in the house and I probably could’ve cleaned the knots but the handles would have always smelled, so I just trashed them, they were unbelievably black in spite of being in a cabinet, apparently smoke likes some things much more than others and it was a superfan of my brushes.

But including all those brushes now lost to memory and the 20 or so I had at my office sink, among the badgers-only, the French one with the European badger fur is “the most different”, if not the best.  (Sadly, the best to me was the VP Leonhardy first batch of 700040, but it was smoked out, she gone).   Looks much different, feels a little different on the face, more than a bit different moving around under load, uniquely combined for feel and firmness.  Fun to use for anyone with way too many badger brushes which all share that one trait about their fur; if you’ve never done it and you count yourself among one of these crazies, do yourself a favor and buy one of the premium brands that can still sell you European raised meles meles knots…they are curious things!

These here are half boar hair, but I still would be assured that they’ll behave a bit differently than other badgers using you-know-where fur.    As with the badger fur, the boar stock also comes from the EU, but for the boar part of things I can’t tell any difference vs for example the Omega boar knots that come from you-know-where and are then assembled in Italy.

Because Thiers-Issard now has access to ultra exotic materials mammoth tusk and abalone shell, we did renew our USFWS permit, so for at least one more year, we’ll offer the shaving brushes and various straight razors with farmed buffalo and cow horn handles, too.  Famous last words.   Post-COVID era, USFWS is an unimaginable nightmare; you’ve been warned if you’re starting a business in this sphere!

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Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 in
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