Dovo Straight Razor Replacement Scales Bocote Wood 627 DISCONTINUED OUT OF PRODUCTION Made in Germany


100% made by hand in Solingen.  You get the exact piece you pick!  Discontinued and out of production due to CITES restrictions.  We vary the price solely based on the appearance of the ‘show side’ wood grains.

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These are appropriate for nearly any ~11/16″ and smaller razors.

You’ll get one ‘pin and rosette’ and 2x washers because these are already given their hand-fitted-and-sanded wedge/pinning for the non-pivot end and also already pre-drilled at the pivot pin.

Line up razor and scale, put the rosette and pin in with washers ‘tween each side of the tang and inside of scales, nail in to some soft wood, take out of wood, peen the backside with a little ball peen hammer.    It is a moderate skill much like stropping and wielding the blade for its purpose.


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 1 in
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