Dovo 627 Straight Razor Replacement Scales Bocote Wood | Made in Germany


100% made by hand in Solingen.  You get the exact piece you pick!  Discontinued and out of production due to CITES restrictions.  We vary the price solely based on the appearance of the ‘show side’ wood grains.   When what you see’s all gone, they’re gone.

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These are appropriate for nearly any ~11/16″ and smaller razors.

You’ll get one ‘pin and rosette’ and 2x washers because these are already given their hand-fitted-and-sanded wedge/pinning for the non-pivot end and also already pre-drilled at the pivot pin.

Line up razor and scale, put the rosette and pin in with washers ‘tween each side of the tang and inside of scales, nail in to some soft wood, take out of wood, peen the backside with a little ball peen hammer.    It is a moderate skill much like stropping and wielding the blade for its purpose.

These bocote wood scales are long, long discontinued, because ~6yrs ago bocote wood was upped in its restriction upon CITES

You can still get bocote-enabled items, but the EU producer must go through a lot of hoops to prove how small their production remains, and a lot of small manufacturers are gonna nope the heck out of that stuff, because as much as the Germans adore paperwork (they should honestly have a “Papierkrammuseum”, where they display the most ornate and complicated pieces of paperwork with the focus being upon the absurd detail for the most meaningless/low stakes of transactions…  “Look at this guy’s lawn maintenance service bill, Bill, that’s insane!”…take my money, I wanna see it!), they’re not gonna do it if it is so complicated that it cuts down meaningfully on their annual ‘bench time’, and in this case, if you just hear them *explain* those rules, there’s no doubt it does that.  Böker, as a much larger overall company with many manufacturing sites and distributor middlemen worldwide, is still plenty big enough to delegate that task to someone not working hands-on in their Solingen ‘manufactory’, so they’ve still got some.  The French are never in any hurry, so they’ll still do it.  But Dovo et al, companies too small to have a secondary party on the payroll to jump through those EU+CITES hoops, they all punted on it years ago.  I surely wish we could get more because I always found it a beautiful timber, but those damn guitar people ruined it for everyone, and I cannot as a non-musician complain, being guilty of guitar god idolatry as I am.

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