Dovo Facharbeit German Straight Razor 136813315 | Stainless Steel | 6/8 Size | Full Hollow Ground | Square Point | Red Acrylic Handle, Reptile Look | Made in Germany | HISTORIC 1967-1971 FORGINGS DISCOVERED IN DOVO’S MOVING TO NEW FACTORY, 500pcs


Dovo Facharbeit 6/8″ Special Edition Straight Razor | Made in Solingen Germany | EAN 4045284009093










This razor was produced from forgings lost for the vastness of the now-deceased Dovo original factory, and when they found the 500 blanks and purchase order notations from half a century ago it made the most senior of grinders emotional with sentiment.    No doubt it was as much a pleasure for them to grind these blanks as it will be for their owners to use them.   The closest thing in the recent history of Dovo to this product was the “Best Class”, which was a regular catalog item for some years, and was represented as the work-product of a master, hence its name.  Best Class’ make would be reserved for only the best grinders, and so too did this razor be produced.

6/8″ size with a square head and file jimps upon the underside of the tang.   The scales appear to be a top acrylic product from these fellows who dominate high end cutlery handle raw material production in the EU.   On the front of this razor, it says “the work of a master” or “master’s work” [as in work byproduct], and then “SOLINGEN”, and the final line is “treasure unearthed from the ground”, here given to the nature of the authentic time capsule nature of the discovery.

On the rear you serial and reference to the alloy, its forging dates, and the presence of gold upon the show side of the razor.

Metallurgically from forging, there are eras of superior and inferior production.  And the same is true of hollow grinding.  This razor stock comes from production era the current industry would consider far above what they have for forging skill today or access to metallurgically.  It is like with SNL, sometimes they have had writer-dominant eras and sometimes they’ve had great stars, but you need the best of the both to have the best.

You can select your serial number from what we have available, and this is lasered upon the non-show side of the tang.



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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in
Straight Razor Filters;

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