Focus Tritok R52-6 Concave 3pc Double Edge Italian Safety Razor DE Aluminum (BLACK) | Concave Head Style Aggressive Shave | Weighs ~39.53g | Made in Italy R52


Focus R52-6 Aluminum DE 3-piece Double Edge Safety Razor (BLACK) | Made in Milan, Italy | Concave Plate for Aggressive Shave

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The Focus Tritok Concave R52, unlike the R51, has relatively high pass-for-pass efficiency, but that also means you have to be careful with it, mindful of your pressure imparted.   By comparison, there’s next to no thinking with R51, but those who have truly harsh beards that like to hide into the epidermis a bit during the shaving could possibly prefer this razor.   Focus also produces a R53 slanted head model, too, but the market has spoken and some love this hyper-aggro one, others like me the flatty 51.

Using a Tritok Concave ~25-30x now, I can say this isn’t my ideal razor; I prefer the lengthy time in the bathroom with the R51 in exchange for its lack of cutting sensation.   Others may disagree.

The Tritok Concave has a super aggressive feel, like the sense of ripping out the hair you can get from using the Mühle R41, but unlike with the Mühle I cannot seem to get sooo much hair off with one pass that I hardly any interest to come back for more; I’ll need to do a bit of cross/backwards touching up with this one for a baby’s ass result.    Don’t mistake me, the R52’s certainly a high pass-for-pass hair remover.   But the ‘ole Mühle original R41 has the novelty of being able to do things in _ONE_ pass for some spots of your face  (both good and bad!) that no others could, this on the other hand I’d say is a razor that you’ll need to push hard to get any bite from (not so that crazy Mühle), gives a high aggression hair removal position, and a high intensity sensation during the action.  If you fancy the combo of safe aggression and don’t mind an un-mild feel in the cut to get that combo, here you are, it is special in that definition!

While not as low a null angle of handle to the floor position as on the Merkurs/Mühles, the Tritok Concave still has an odd plane position at the head, and this can cause you inadvertently to impart unneeded pressure.   This model doesn’t need pressure like the flat headed version does, but it is a light aluminum razor;  you’re looking for a flush contact of the illustrated zone in the pics but no need to bear down 100mph on that zone, either, gentle pressure will do.   I can’t understand how Focus could term this razor middle level aggression when their slanted one feels comparatively tame on the face.   Different strokes for different folks and horses for courses and all that, no doubt with a Feather in there someone with harsh beard and durable skin’s going to say this is the new emperor.   I will say to its credit that it is easy to cut the crap out of yourself with the Mühle R41, but not easy to do with this R52; it just has an intense sensation, for me, and that’s what I don’t like…the R51 by contrast never really feels like it is working, sort of the coticule edge of DE razors if that makes any sense to you.

The razor head, the pins, and the screw with its thread are all obtained from a single block of laser-excavated aluminum.   Produced in several colors; this listing is for the BLACK aluminum version, R52-6.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in