Zaza Super Stainless Double Edge DE Razor Blades | Made in Turkey


Zaza Super Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades | Made in Turkey


A byproduct of the TSS family’s sojourn to the nation boasting earth’s greatest baklava [as well as an incredible meatball at Sultanahmet Köftecisi, and while this obviously sounds absurd to read but literally the day(s, I came back the very next) I went there they ONLY had those meatballs on the menu actually ready to sell you in-stock, and in spite of this it was packed all with Turks (this is a pre-COVID story from May ’17) and I dare say this was the best most tender piece of a deceased cattle I have ever consumed in my human lifetime], Zaza blades may be relatively obscure here in the Western Hemisphere, but they shouldn’t be…they’re really quite good.

Made in Turkey for nearly 100 years by a company producing over 5 billion “DE” blades per annum.  A little dollop of wax  is present upon the blade to prevent the blade edge and paper from interacting, and the blades are delivered in a plastic container holding 10 with a used blade reservoir bottom.

We have quite a few barbers in the USA who keep buying these from us over and over and over; in fact, sadly that’s all they ever buy from us.   C’mon men, we got other stuff great for your trade; quit being a cheap bastard and buy a Focus Slim, you literally use that tool every single day of your job and you’re only worried about the +$40 vs crap from Sally’s ?!?  Are your clients that cheap that they’d rather see that CN garbage being used instead of something made in the EU?

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