Herold 142Ri Basic Calfhide Leather Razor Strop (2 x 13.4″) Made in Solingen Germany


Herold Solingen Basic Calfhide Strop | Made in Solingen, Germany | 2×13.4″ Stropping Area

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The #142Ri’s the most basic slice of the good stuff, simple leather fashioned to hang on a hook and pull down on easily.

Great for beginners scared of hurting the costlier options, spendthrifts whom still seek the high quality of German production, or as a committed sharpening paste/spray solution for occasional use with something like Dovo’s red paste or Thiers-Issard diamond/alumoxide paste.

Nothing can be used on the back; if you must, get a good strip of denim, another cheaper strop, or an old seat belt slice and use that as your ‘prep’ side before taking it to this pristine leather.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 1 in