Herold 180Ri Calfhide Leather Razor Strop | 3.15 x 15.1″ Stropping Area | Made in Solingen Germany


Herold 180Ri Calfhide Leather Razor Strop | Made in Solingen, Germany

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The Herold #180Ri is a an extra large sized piece of soft calf hide, with a swiveling hook at the top, a D-ring at the bottom, and endcap hardware which is both sewn in and riveted to the stropping leather.

STROP UPON THE LEATHER SIDE SURROUNDED BY ENDCAPS WITH “PRIMA RINDLEDER GERMANY” AND “HEROLD SOLINGEN GERMANY” WRITING.   Nothing can be of use on the back with a straight razor; get a good strip of denim, another cheaper strop, or an old seat belt slice and use that as your ‘prep’ side to clean the edge before taking it to this leather if you must.

There is an argument to be made for this “Prima Rindleder” leather as better than the “J” suffix Russian leather available in other Herold models, and from Dovo, etc.  This is the first cut of leather off the hide after the tanning, following a plane blade removal of the irregular surface near to the muscle.  I find it superior myself, but it is not as luxurious a feeling to strop upon as the Dovo Russian leather in their “XL” strop, for an example.

Made in Solingen, Germany.  The meaningful stropping area is about 3.1×15″.

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