Black Vegetable Tanned Leather Straight Razor Roll for 7 Razors | Made by Hand in France


Black Vegetable Tanned Leather Straight Razor Roll for 7 Razors | Made in France

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The Leather Straight Razor Roll from Cuirs Libellule, holding a collection of seven straight razors, emulates the popular way to carry before that really big boat sunk in the Atlantic.

Veggie-Tanned Old World Charm

The vegetable tanned natural leather upon this straight razor roll wears with character and without cracking.   It is truly made by hand in central France using methods that have not changed in centuries.   You can treat this leather with Ballistol oil and it will reward you with years of faithful service.

Fits Most Any Modern Blade 6/8″ & Under


This straight razor roll case accepts 6/8″ and smaller razors.  As a matter of fact, you enjoy ~40mm lateral space in each “gate”.   No razor I’ve seen, no matter how proud its monkey tail, is too long to fit below the flap.  Furthermore, torpedo-type scale razors such as Dovo en vogue or Carpe Diem are fine; the “height” between the two leather planes is sufficient.  The only issue in the 40mm lateral space – very large Sheffield blades often exceed this measure.  Bust out a caliper if in doubt, and find the thickest spot.   We’ve even successfully shoehorned Dovo’s #985850 in here.

Leather Flap Folds Over Within the Straight Razor Roll

To protect one blade from another once rolled, a soft, pliant flap covers the area of the blades beyond the ‘gates’.   You can have any color you like (as long as it’s black).

Leather string on outside.  Grommet hole for hanging.  Weighs approximately 6.2 ounces (175 grams).  Handmade in France.   These items have not been produced in some time and we do not have any hope they could be sourced anew.


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