Louise émoi Donkey Delicacy Cold Process Soap for Face & Body | 100g | Made in France


Louise émoi Donkey Delicacy Cold Process Soap | EAN 3770004868117

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“I’ve always loved traditional European cold-process soaps, which by their nature are difficult to produce and have a lot more overhead than hot-process soaps.  Cold process soaps’ manner in which the soap’s moisturizing capacities feels within you rather than upon you have always been special to me.  They’re like trying to get birds out of the trees, but we’ll always try to source new indie small French cold-process folks whenever possible, and perhaps best of all is that you’re quite unlikely to ever see them pop up on ‘The River of Fakes‘!” -jarrod@TSS

Your mature skin’s delivered both protection and softness thanks to the donkey milk (20%) present in this cold process soap from Louise émoi, with its delicate citrus fragrance with just a hint of nuttiness.

Note the presence of “sodium shea butterate” and “butyrospermum parkii butter” on the INCI label; the “butyrospermum parkii butter” is the unsaponified ‘superfat’ shea butter content, added *after* saponification of the alkaloids is completed, while *sodium shea butterate* is the *saponified* shea butter, which is a much more challenging piece of the puzzle.  The higher up the list SSB is, the harder it is the make that soap, and the more costly.

20% Donkey Milk, Macadamia oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, *saponified* Shea butter, Rapeseed oil, Green Mandarin essential oil, Palmarosa essential oil.

8% superfat (superfat is the fats not saponified present in the finished soap)

  • Weight: 100g
  • 8% superfat
  • 18 Months’ shelf life after first use
  • Essential oils only
  • 100% of ingredients minus water and minerals come from organic farming
  • The donkey milk comes from committed and certified organic neighboring breeders in France. The short and local circuit is an essential aspect of our products made from milk.  Each milk has beneficial properties for all skin types; soft and protective, they envelop the skin in a creamy and nourishing foam.   The donkey milk used in this soap comes from Amandine’s farm in Hérault.  An ancestral ingredient in skin care, this milk’s known for its nourishing, protective and softening properties.