Zartgefuehl aka Zartgefühl Men’s Secret German Vegan Artisanal Shaving Soap *No. 2* | 100g ~3.5 oz Net Product | Made in Germany


Zartgefuehl Men’s Secret Shaving Soap 100ml | Quietly, Is This Earth’s Most Special Shaving Soap? {for its pH w/o post-saponific additives} | Made in Germany

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Zartgefuehl has reformulated the scent of their nuveau classic saponified-shea-based shaving soap, but they now use a scent profile similar to the old “Ziegen Bart” days of palm base!

If you’re a long time buyer of the Zart and liked that old scent, I’m confident you’ll prefer this scent profile to the citrus-dominant one that debuted with the migration to sodium shea butterate.

As usual, the odd nature of this soap dominates.  It is saponified shea and just a little else, with some talc.   There isn’t any other shaving soap like it.  Some love it, some loathe it.  Actually, a lot love it.  What it does incredibly well is impart a sense of moisture *within* your skin during the shave, and leaves absolutely no greasy feeling afterwards the way that “superfatted” soaps [which is the term for when you complete the salt-and-fat saponification marriage, but add in some extra fat(s), without any accompanying alkaloid(s), once the initial soap-making chemical reaction has finished].

American artisanal soaps rely primarily on superfatting to make up for their bases themselves being slightly drying.  This, on the other hand, is a base that is the least drying of any shaving soap base in the world, that much I do believe.

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