Nippes 590 17cm 6.7″ Classic Barber Shears Hair Scissors | Corrugated Cutting Edge | Nickel Plated Carbon Steel | Weighs 54g | Made in Solingen Germany ¡NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE!


Nippes 590 17cm 6.7″ Classic Barber Shears Hair Scissors | Nickel Plated Carbon Steel | Made in Solingen Germany | EAN 4006691590178

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You will receive a new and unused piece.  ALL SALES FINAL – returns or exchange are NOT accepted of hair cutting scissors! 

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Nippes Solingen 590 is their classic iteration of a barber shears, this version the longer 17cm model.   This has the traditional German micro-serrated cutting edge, along with hollow ground inner blade planes, and a finish of nickel plate upon the drop forged carbon steel; dry thoroughly after each use, store in a dry place, and lightly oil (no food oils!) for long term storage.  It is a terrific option for those willing to take on the “burden” of carbon steel, and the presence of the nickel plating on the carbon steel is beneficial to those ~1.5-2% of stylists unlucky enough to be allergic to the normal stainless steel’s formulation (there is such a thing as plasma-coated stainless shears, made exactly for those folks, but they tend to be pretty darn costly).

The hollow grinding here’s better than the more modern style scissors we sell from NTS-Solingen; you want hollow grinding in a hairdressing scissor if you’re good at steering one, because it reduces the overall inertia required and gives you better pinpoint feel upon where in the scissor’s run is the actual cutting edge cutting.   The carbon steel formula used here is superior, metallurgically speaking, to the stainless steel so heavily favored in America for professional hairdressers’ use – specifically, it is able to be bent further in the action of the tool without harm, and return to its original position, because the formulation of the steel allows superior flexibility and without any decrease in how fine an edge it can hold in the first place (it is a challenge, metallurgically, to combine those two traits).  That means that it cuts a bit more softly on fine hair (though it is a corrugated-edge scissor so let’s not get things twisted here, this is made for dry cuts on normal hair), and its cutting edge durability is better, though to be honest it is pretty routine over the years for us to hear from barbers using these Solingen forged and ground ‘catch cut’ (corrugated edge type) scissors for decades without ever requiring resharpening, and that’s true regardless of stainless or carbon, so any Solingen-made corrugated edge scissor is not likely to need replacement or service in your professional career unless you’re really young or really busy!

But the center screw, and the uniformity of the force required by your hands to either get a scissoring run going (or keep it going along), are better on the modern stainless NTS equivalent of this (which I’d say is the Maylily 450).  Furthermore, the long-deceased Dovo “Catch Cut” had a better screw and a sliiiightly better scissoring run (that’s what the cool kids call the scissor’s action).  But that’s to take away nothing from this extremely high quality scissor; I can find something bad to say about each SKU, it is a gift, and it is why you can trust this uniquely insightful content.  Vendors that act like fiduciaries don’t make a lot of money, so consider helping me out with the dumb link, either on that text to the left or in the pic of the scissor above!     🙂

Expertly forged and ground in Solingen by German master grinders.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1 in

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