Thiers Issard 275 1196 Evide Sonnant Extra French Straight Razor | Carbon Steel | 6/8 Size | Extra Full Hollow Ground | Round Point | Premium Faux Tortoise Resin Handle | Made in France


Thiers Issard 1196 Evide Sonnant Extra French Straight Razor | Carbon Steel | 6/8 Size | Extra Full Hollow Ground | Round Point | Faux Tortoise Resin Handle | Made in France


“Handmade in France”

Made by hand (and uniquely so), the Thiers-Issard brand is, in this one opinion, the most hollow ground and flexible razor left in production today.  They’ve produced straight razors for nearly 100 years in Thiers, France, with traditional methods confined to this most special of nations.

‘1196’ is the designation of the Evide Sonnant Extra, TI’s bread-and-butter model.   The “ESE” is supplied with a free basic black leather sheath/pouch. The 3.1mm-thick resin scales here are their ‘fancy’ faux-tortoise (at a +40€ surcharge, insane!), and compared to the much-cheaper basic faux-tortoise scales are more rounded and more translucent.  I’m sure I’ll crack one open at some point and do my level best to make a TSS-original image to convince you to spend the money, but honestly, as I type this sentence at 9:20 PM EST for the three of you reading following a 9.4-hr shift at the full-time primary income upon which I wear a nametag in a heavily-sales-based job, I can’t say with any authority when precisely you’re getting those images of these two different scales.   TI deems them superior; isn’t that enough?

File jimps are present on the bottom of the tang, and a notch is present on the top.

As with all 1196s, you’ll receive a basic black leather straight razor pouch at no additional charge, supplied for free with your purchase of the razor.  Enjoy the image of such attached to this listing, and know that we took ~20mins to edit that picture after capturing its pixels!

Furthermore, in shaving with straight razors the majority of my lifetime now and having owned and used hundreds, a basic no-frills late-1990s to early 2000s copy (only remember which apartment living when got it & dates of those leases) of this same ole ‘Evide Sonnant Extra’ razor is the finest shaving tool I’ve ever put to face, and when I got it new its bevel form was wavy as a funhouse mirror.   As Sam Cassell might possibly decree, never mind how I look, just gimme the damn rock.  While it isn’t a fancy looking TI among TIs, the Evide Sonnant Extra absolutely can shave you simply magically close.

“Shave Ready”?

If you elect for the factory edge, you’ll receive your razor exactly as its manufacturers intended…pretty simple!

If you elect for The Superior Shave to further hone your razor, your razor will be delivered to you  Guaranteed  Shave Ready!   The Superior Shave hones via a method best coined (by the old Thiers-Issard director) as “the opposite of tape“ where the hones’ geometries are catered to performance of the razor and to no other concern.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in
Straight Razor Filters;

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Factory Edge, Further-Honed by TSS