Thiers-Issard Silvertip Badger & Boar Shaving Brush | 26mm Knot, Extra Filled | Blonde Horn Handle | Made in France


Thiers-Issard Silvertip Badger and Boar Shaving Brush | 26mm Knot, Extra Filled | Blonde Horn Handle | Made in France


Hand-tied, hand-filled shaving brush from France, with a 26mm “extra stuffed” knot that’s a combination of boar hair and silvertip badger hair, which is the  top grade for the badger fur.  Supposedly, this has +33% more weight of hair per unit of volume than the mid-tier super badger model, but it is also +3mm of diameter, so they’re hardly comparable.   You’ll get the exact brush you pick!

Blonde horn handle; dunno if the horn’s water buffalo or cow, as they don’t specify, but in any case it is domestic from France and born/bred captive.  They buy whichever pieces look best at the time between the two common species.

All components come from EU farming (hair stocks), and EU production.   EU-raised badger is a bit ‘curious’, it is just a little different, even though the species is exactly the same meles meles as the dominant exporting from China.  It would be fair to say that while these hair strands are unique, the knot canopy is much less so; to my knowledge (which means I feel strongly, but cannot prove, that some no-name “house brand” brush is still made in France by a tiny brush maker you’ve never heard of still French-stubborn enough to use the EU hair stocks, and likely never even bother to expand their market beyond France and perhaps a few neighbors), only Plisson has both the EU fur and the weird distinctly French canopy for the knots.  TI is indeed making and setting these knots, but they look just like from others in the EU, sharing a similar canopy dowel.   They could almost pass for German.

The boar seems exactly the same, to me anyways.  But combining boar and badger, and odd badger at that, makes for a neat brush.  Pity the USFWS are so difficult.

100% Made in France.

Lathed horn handle with Thiers-Issard logo on the bottom.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 in
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