Straight Razor Honing Solution Tool | 9x11x0.5″ Aluminum Lapping Plate | Makes Razor Hones Convex | Produces Concave Razor Bevels


Straight Razor Hone Honing Solution Tool | 9x11x0.5″ Aluminum Lapping Plate | Makes Razor Hones Convex | Produces Concave Razor Bevels

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ATTENTION NON-US CUSTOMERS:   This item exceeds the weight/size restrictions we’re allowed by regular mail, we must use a forwarding agent to get this to you.   You’ll be charged once on the item here, and then you’ll pay the standard price again at checkout, THIS ISN’T A MISTAKE.   The combined surcharge you’ll be asked to pay is the true cost difference to ship this 4lbs ~15x10x2″ parcel from the US to you versus our cost domestically.  It is a very heavy and difficult to ship item!


This tool’s designed specifically for working with other tools (that you also must purchase, and which we do not sell) to, together, hone straight razors.   It has no other conceivable application, and it is expensive-but it is the best, and you don’t need to buy it twice.  We anticipate to have more stock to sell you some time in early 2022, but will not accept a prepayment until we have them in hand.

If you buy this lapping plate, in the end, we believe that YOU will be able to hone a straight razor BETTER than The Superior Shave, EASILY.    Believe that, or not, as you see fit.   Read all those screenshots related to our honing as upon this listing and decide for yourself if you’re being “worked” like in ‘pro wrestling‘, if it is just a bunch of shill nonsense, or if it is real.    At this business, it is believed that nothing can affect a straight razor’s shaving comfort equally to preparing that straight razor to be the most flexible that straight razor can become, and unfortunately very, very few honers-for-hire or shaving-forum-enthusiasts understand this because they’ve been taught not to explore this concept, that it is some taboo like cannibalism, which is outrageously silly.   It’s your tool to consume, remember that!





You’re buying a permanent path toward ensuring a more ideal form of your straight razor’s cutting edge occurs after honing than a flat V-shaped bevel.  Using it one direction versus your whetstone produces a stone with a wheel-shaped surface of 6.5′ diameter that’s a 25′ diameter across its width, and using it the other way produces a stone with a wheel-shaped surface of 25′ diameter that’s a 6.5′ diameter across its width.  You can also use this to shape wood and then use that wood as a backing for a strop or to wrap lapping film around.   The short diameter wheel is great at thinning your bevel, and the more complex longer diameter narrow elliptical hone is an ideal finisher.

Please note this solution’s only endorsed for modern type full hollow ground or extra full hollow ground razors, such as any produced with this type of dual-wheeled machine that debuted in the later 19th century and is used at every multiple-worker “factory” production facility for hollow ground razors in the European Union (“factory a bit of misnomer when largest such remaining “factory” has but 10 workers left); wedge grind, 1/4-hollow, etc. (all a minute % of buying population) will likely not experience large changes to their behavior, though they may feel a bit better than they did.

Quite hollow razors with softly tempered steel, however, will dramatically improve.   This is especially true of vintage extra hollow razors from Sheffield, England, which have the benefit of a low Rockwell hardness (and the benefit of a quite high natural ability to flex without chipping).   While it is true that modern metallurgy has produced razors with superior hardness and nearly equal flexibility at a combined score with better minimum ability to each than the vintage Sheffields, the production in the Sheffield era was vastly enormous versus today, so for the price that such an aforementioned modern razor costs, if you considered the time hunting for a good vintage specimen worthless you’ll do much better with those Sheffield extra hollows (if price is no object and time is valued, we recommend Thiers-Issard extra hollow razors  6/8″ and larger).

Eventually, it is our intention to pair these tools with these tools, which will cost much more than $205, due both to materials and labor expenses involved.  However, that company works slowly; you will likely do better endeavoring to acquire inventory from them directly and then putting in the labor yourself to prepare those tools for use with your straight razors.      But it was never said that the world’s best tools for an application are always the world’s least expensive tools for such application – in fact, the opposite is usually true.   There’s plenty of other ways out there for you to hone your straight razors!

If you want the world’s very best, though, this SKU may or may not help you get there.   Believe it, or not, as you see fit (and “always question“).

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