TSS Straight Razor Honing Solution Tool | 9x11x0.5″ Aluminum Lapping Plate for 2 Elliptical Whetstone Shapes | Made in China


Search this f*cker up on eBay if u want one, 15pcs left as I type this, and if u think I care about that ~$900 on the shelf, u don’t know me well!  I’ll happily watch entertainment of auctions spread over six months than worry about the last dollar.  Jeff Bezos, I am not (though his Joker-from-Original-Batman-Movie mistress is indeed impressive). Happy shaving!


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“Can’t you just sell it directly, without having to bid for it on eBay?”


The way I look @ this, it is a very bitter pill to have to take a “nametag job” basically BECAUSE 1) daily lies about EU master grinders’ methods + reasons for bevel concavity are told unchecked on the shaving-specific forums + 2) a sizeable cache of men disagree with that idiocy, read it routinely, say nothing, and think their silence is not affecting outcomes, outcomes such as me taking a shit job and Dovo (the “world’s largest razorworks”) moving to a smaller facility, filing for bankruptcy three years ago, having but 10 grinders left, working only 4 days a week workweek…

The eBay listing being read as a propaganda tool is much more valuable than the sale, but when bidding occurs, they become suggested clicks more often, below a different listing a user’s arrived to.  So, when there’s one piece left, best to just list as a buy-it-now with a hopefully too high cost, as a “permanent advert”.

The >450-now silent-on-shaving-forums users of these things haven’t helped me much.  Sure, I spent ~80-120 work hrs concepting/prototyping/commissioning and ended up profiting net about $6500 after the ~$2500 or so it cost to make the first one correctly – which I certainly appreciate.   But this plate was SUPPOSED to help sell RAZORS, via its undeniable advantages which users – in good conscience  -could not silently consume while the inverse geometric concepts were touted as gospel.  Melodramatic as it is, they all watch my way of life and Dovo/Boker/Thiers/Wacker/Aust’s way become extinguished, and don’t say a word.  It isn’t a melodrama story for me, I have to chew on that as reality all day long wearing my nametag.    When I was thirty-six, I devoted myself to selling forged straight razors as my primary income, and within one year it was my sole income, a position it kept for thirteen tax years until I could no longer keep a roof over my head just touting straight razors, and the silence on the forums definitely influenced that chain of events.

an eBay listing is the best possible advert, in lieu of returning to the River of Fakes, which I’ll not do.   It is a tough call but I’d rather wear a nametag than work for Jeff.

Anyway, this SKU’s not long for this world, friend; you’ve been warned.  The things that you’ll regret most are not the places you didn’t go, but rather the stuff you didn’t buy that you should’ve.


Well, that sentence was coined by a ~50-yr-old curmudgeon with 26 countries visited for work or play notched on the (expired) passport(s), so for those of ya’ll that haven’t traveled and have read this far, go for the trip, not the lapping plate – even if it is just to Orlando.  George’s song’s lyrics are indeed unequivocally terrific and indicative of a deep thinker that reached the abyss in a floatation session or three, but the world is a book, and those who do *not* travel read but a page.   A *real* travel experience is supposed to have both zeniths and nadirs, each bereft from what one experiences at a journey to the nearest Sandals resort.  It pisses you off, and exhilarates you, alike.  That is real life.


I think we can rest assured that gssixgun, steve56, daltongang, Keith V. Johnson, and the rest of my truest devout superfans that continue to pretend there is any other way to maximize the *thinness* of a razor’s edge *without* resorting to a wheel (or in this case, a wheel-shaped whetstone) are *not* well traveled men.   Nobody with a worldy view could remain so childishly myopic – geometry and physical advantages are meritocracies, they don’t give a sh*t that an innovation was unearthed by someone you too-passionately dislike; it simply either does, or does not, afford mechanical advantage.

Learn all about stone-shaping here, from a gent who’s forgotten more of abrasives/geology than I’ll know!

Below lay 4 vids worthy your time.

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