TSS Straight Razor Honing Solution Tool | 9x11x0.5″ Aluminum Lapping Plate | Produces Convex Razor Hones for Concave Razor Bevels


Elliptically Concave Lapping Surface | Produces Elliptically Convex Whetstones (for Making Concave Razor Bevels) | Non-US Buyers; Please Visit our eBay Listing



A dozen left to sell!  If you think I will commission another PO of this thing after those are gone, you’re nuts.  This is the train leaving the station.  You can have the file for free to torture your brain after they’re all gone, see what you can get produced (I recommend the finest stainless steel of highest tolerance threshold, LOL).   I made a lot of 1x prototype runs.  They weren’t cheap.   Don’t use any additive process for the file, only CNC-reduction from a larger rectangle works.  Subtle shapes expressed over long distances are costly to produce.

Anyways, paired with hones and sandpaper, this “reference-shape(s)-holder” affords you a way to hone your razor thinner than a simple flat-full-flush-isosceles-triangle-shaped bevel (which was never the intention for your bevel’s form of Dovo, Thiers-Issard, Böker, etc. as they produced)

Shape your stone toward this plate’s 9″ axis and you’ll create a bevel-thinning/setting stone shape.   Shape your stone with its length toward the plate’s 11″ axis to create a shape ideal for the finishing stone.   This was a large/heavy/expensive aluminum hunk to produce/package/post.  Sadly for ole’ TSS, rarely did anyone on an internet shaving forum (or YouTube channel, etc.) state “on the record” it aided their honing – because to do so ‘publicly’ made you a direct target of “steve56”, TSS’ littlest superfan, a man with allll the time in the world to try and ensure your statements are made to look foolish (he was an engineer, you see).  Thus, most rather remained (publicly) silent, happily honing in pree-vaay, possibly privately as annoyed with our superfan as anyone with basic sense of geometry would be, but keeping mum to forum norms.  Oh well.   One can’t say I didn’t darn sure try to publicize manufacturers’ opinions on maintenance of their own products!   European production of straight razors is doomed, and all those fervent superfans on forums espousing the foolish position to completely flatten and thicken their razors’ bevels damn sure doesn’t help the matter of its decline…all it does is guarantee you’ll limit your razor’s peak performance, A LOT.

Below, observe 1) a master barber from the UK shave with their Filarmonica 14 honed with concave bevel method, 2) the barber showing how he shaped his stones, and 3) a 2-part series I created to help in general honing with shaped stones concepts.    Hone from the rear of the bevel forward, they used to call it “razor concaving”!







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