Zartgefuehl Man’s Secret Lifting Facial Serum 30ml | Made in Germany


Zartgefuehl Man’s Secret Lifting Serum | Made in Germany

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It’s back, superfans!

This lifting serum matches the fragrance of the incredible Zartgefuehl aftershave, and it is just a glorious, warming, never overpowering but powerfully base-noted serum.

Just use a few precious drops, a little goes a long way; clean your face first with a Zartgefuehl soap, then this serum, and finally some facial cream if you like.

Soft supple skin like no other, Zartgefuehl has had devout superfans at this website for over twelve years now for good reason!

Sandalwood and hay flower scent.

With Argan oil and vitamin E.

Made in Germany.