Zartgefuehl Eisbär Poppy Peeling Soap for Face and Body | Peppermint & Lemon Peel Scent | 100g | Made in Germany


Zartgefuehl Eisbär Peeling Soap 100g | Made in Germany

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Discover Zartgefuehl’s unique Eisbär peeling soap – a creamy white soap specialty that’s specially developed for skin prone to neurodermatitis.

Zartgefuehl’s soap’s not only unique in appearance, but also perfect for facial cleansing and even bathing. With a pH value of at least 8, it is a pure alkaline facial soap that’s able to neutralize harmful acids that our skin, the largest organ, excretes.

These soaps aren’t ordinary soaps you can buy anywhere.  Many soaps advertise they’re handmade from vegetable oils, but compared to ZARTGEFÜHL soaps, they simply cannot keep up.   Zartgefuehl soaps are produced in small batches from a combination of pure vegetable oils and caustic soda to create a unique alkaline luxury facial soap.

The Eisbär peeling soap was specially developed for skin prone to neurodermatitis. It contains no aggressive ingredients and is gentle on the skin.

Natural ingredients: Only natural vegetable oils are used in the production of the soap. No chemicals, no artificial additives.

pH value of at least 8: This soap is alkaline and helps to neutralize the harmful acids that the skin secretes. This restores balance to the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and revitalized.

Versatile: The Eisbär’s not only suitable for facial cleansing, but can also be used when bathing. It leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin and provides a pampering experience.

Handcrafted in Small Batches: Each soap’s handcrafted with love and care. Zartgefuehl values quality and ensures every single soap meets their insanely high standards.

Unique design: The creamy white color and mysterious appearance make this soap a real eye-catcher in your bathroom. You’ll never have seen anything like it before!