Intentionally Convex Vintage Smith’s Black Hard Arkansas Sharpening Stone Razor Hone | ~2x4x0.5″ ~49x99x13mm ~5.8oz / ~164g | Made in USA


This Thing Will Never Be Upon The River of Fakes

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This is a finishing-quality hard Arkansas stone that’s been shaped intentionally convex upon one of its two 2×4″ faces.

Although any hard Ark’s a very long wearing stone, if you make a habit of use you’ll eventually need to re-shape it with this tool.  Using that lapping plate and these “sandpapers”, I was able to do shape the one 2×4″ facet of this little rock in just over one hour of work.  Pity that it is not an easily sourced little guy.

I would recommend to keep the stone wet with this lubricant during honing.