Dan’s Whetstone BAB-6-C 2x6x0.75″ Black Arkansas Stone Razor Sharpening Hone | Made in USA


Dan’s Whetstone 2x6x0.75″ Black Arkansas Stone Razor Sharpening Hone | Made in USA

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Don’t hold your breath, but to hear Dan’s tell it, we’ll eventually receive these hones to sell to you.   I’ll expect them precisely when I see them, and not a moment prior.    It has been quite a long time that the order has been in the queue.

In all of this world, I personally do not think the Arkansas stone can be surpassed when it comes to preparing a straight razor for shaving.   There are sharper/finer abrasives, and there are abrasives which impart a higher human perception of smoothness to the cutting sensation, but if you are to place an equally high importance upon each trait, it is the belief here that the humble Arkansas stone has the highest combined minimum.

You likely did not know this [b/c the exact opposite is confidently & heavy-handedly espoused on every str8rzr-centric internet forum], but str8rzrs’ bevels are supposed to be concave for best performance and longevity.   Don’t believe it?   [email protected]@k at the picture here taken from the 1934 book from the world’s largest abrasives manufacturer who supplied the best vintage razor factories their sharpening wheels… Could it be possible the world’s largest abrasives manufacturer and supplier of the tools used by the vintage Victorian Era razor factories might know something the self-appointed and self-taught shaving forum experts do not?   Read the gobs of screenshots of customers’ praise all from here in 2021 when I began seriously shaping the shop’s stones to be smaller wheels upon the honing SKU and decide for yourself if it makes any sense that so many people would go out of their way to contact us (all unsolicited, we never contact you unless you contact us first!) versus the assuredly-small volume we move of product.   The percentage who took the time to write boggles my mind.

Unfortunately, while shaping whetstones – including the rock hard novaculite stones – by hand (via chisels/sandpaper/files/etc.) has been an apprenticeship test for master grinders for over a century, shaping an Arkansas stone yourself at home to become a small portion of a larger wheel is quite a challenge.    We have created a singularly unique item to do just that, and its massive size would be overkill for any stones except these hardest of hard things, the Arks.    You can purchase that device (theoretically, one day, when we get another batch in 2022) and have at the job yourself, or pay TSS to do it for you.

As with any hone, wear/flattening is inevitable.   So if you’re really anal, get yourself a small rubbing stone, and before using your new hone, wrap some sandpaper tightly around the surface of this hone and use that shape to rub against your rubbing stone, which will quickly orient itself to the inverse form of this hone’s convex surface, and then you can use that with a bit of diluted Ballistol to rub upon the hone before each session, intending on your end to impart some abrasive action to the periphery of your honing pitch.

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Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in
Stone Prep

As Factory Supplied, One Side Shaped to 25'x6.5'