Dovo 21140082 Shavette German Straight Razor INOX Stainless Steel formerly 201061 | Made in Solingen Germany


Dovo 21140082 Shavette German Straight Razor | INOX Stainless Steel Head | Ebony Wood (Ebonholz) Handle | Made in Solingen Germany | EAN 4045284010372

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The Dovo Shavette straight razor is the original “SHAVETTE” trademark; they coined the term for their own interchangeable blade straight razor more than 30 years ago.  The trademarked Shavette of Dovo has (to Dovo’s chagrin) colloquially become generically associated by enthusiasts to any “barber straight razors” (meaning those that use replaceable blades).   But this is the original Shavette straight razor.

Stainless Steel Head and Handle

This particular Shavette version [model no. 201061] has a satin-finished stainless steel handle; there’s no right or wrong answer with subjective personal preference, but the heads made of stainless steel are the popular choice among the barbers for our shop.  Others may prefer the lighter weight of the aluminum or plastic head.

With an included 201003 transparent blade holder in place, this ebony-wood-handled Shavette weighs in at precisely thirty grams.   Dovo also offers the Shavette in a plastic black handle (201081), a stainless steel handle with aluminum head (201087), or a genuine olive wood handle (201071).

Start Being in Control of Blade to Skin Angle!

If you’re curious about how it feels to use a straight razor, the Dovo Shavette will get you most of the way way there.  The Shavette allows you to be the full controller of the blade’s angle of incidence to the skin.  Conversely, that angle has a limited range with a safety razor.  There might be spots where best blade performance would occur with blade nearly parallel or perpendicular to the skin, and with a safety razor you’re either having the handle collide with your face (too steep blade angle) or head cap obstructing blade from skin contact (too shallow blade angle).   Better access is here because there is no head cap nor handle physically prohibiting such extremes of angle.

You Can’t Polish These Blades, But You Don’t Maintain Them, Either

The Dovo Shavette does not allow you to control a blade edge’s condition of polish itself, as you can upon a conventional straight razor.  But you don’t have the upkeep involved with using a regular straight, either.

Increased Thinness, Acuity, and Keenness is a Big Help

The Shavette’s blades are always sharper than a “real” straight razor, too, given that they are so much thinner (the angle of triangle of metal coming at your face is more acute than fixed straight razors).

A Price is Paid with any Shavette Straight Razor

Unfortunately, a Shavette is not as “smooth” as a conventional straight razor, because the blade’s sides aren’t well polished in comparison.   Old hands obsess about combining sharp and smooth.  A Shavette only masters one.  With great beard prep and technique, however, it is the only one that matters.

Stretch, Keep Low, Light Touch…Give it a Try!

However, if you can learn to make a light touch, the enormous keenness advantage is a big Shavette advantage that’s not easily ignored.  Conventional straight razors are covetous, nostalgic, romantic, and worthy of possession.  Traditional straight razors are compulsory, really.  But it would be curious for a user of conventional straight razors to never try the Shavette side of the realm.  Most eventually give it a go.

The Narrowest Head Profile in the Shavette World

The main advantage of the Dovo Shavette razor versus competing designs like the fine Focus Slim Al is its narrow, interchangeable head.  You can achieve a lower angle of blade to skin with the Shavette than other designs due the physical design (less overhanging plastic near the blade).  Many barbers care first and foremost about how low can they go.  If you can stretch quite well this can prove a big help.

Accepts Personna Hair Shaper Blades (Optional 201005 Required)

The original Shavette razor also accepts Personna Hair Shaper blades when you purchase the optional (and discontinued) 201005 Green Holder.   While Hair Shaping’s the blade’s official designation, it is unequivocally regarded in straight razor circles as wickedly sharp and durable for those with the toughest of beards.


Dovo 21140082 is Supplied with all the Following Items;

  • two 201003 blade holders for using regular DE blades
  • one Double Edge blade (break in half, as only side is used at a time in the 201003 holder)




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