Dovo Leather Balm for Strop aka Paste 515171 Made in Solingen Germany


Dovo Leather Balm, for Conditioning Straight Razor Strops.  50ml Screw-Top Jar.   Made in Solingen, Germany.  Free USA Shipping

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Dovo Leather Balm (product #515171) is condensed, pure leather fat, packaged in an easily accessible open container.  50ml of product.

This is the same physical paste as the Dovo “yellow paste” (older style metal tube), repackaged for easy access to product.

You receive fifty milliliters of leather strop balm here (as opposed to 5ml with metal tube).  Unless in arid environments, however, even 5ml of paste lasts several years.

To apply the paste, first clean your hands thoroughly – Dovo suede type strops are quite able to trap dirt.   Next, apply a bit of paste to a palm, much as you would apply some hand balm/salve.   You should not use more than you would of lip balm, for example.  Thereafter, pull the strop surface taut.  Finally, try to “land the airplane” by barely buffing palm plane to leather plane.   Perform in both directions of palm approaching leather.  Do try (the operative word here) to put as little Dovo strop conditioner as possible as evenly as possible to the entire effective stropping surface.

The amount of strop balm you’ll need to periodically reapply varies with your local influences of temperature and especially humidity.   Of course, high usage will require more reapplications.  It is important to remember that frequent miniscule treatments of juuust enough leather fat is far better than overconditioning the strop.   When the leather’s been given too much fat, it will slow down and take a long time to speed up again if in any non-arid environment.

How do you know when your strop wants some of the Dovo leather balm?  That’s an easy one; when you frequently see plentiful “strop dander” on the concavities of the razor’s surface adjacent to the cutting edge, it is time, friendo.

Made in Solingen, Germany.

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