Dovo 504171 Yellow Strop Paste for Leather | 504111 White Strop Paste for Linen | 5ml Metal Tube | Made in Solingen Germany


Dovo 504171 Yellow Strop Paste for Leather 5ml 4045284009758 | 504111 White Strop Paste for Linen 5ml 4045284009512 | Made in Solingen, Germany

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Dovo 504111 White Paste 5ml conditions linen by homogenizing its topography (raising the lowest spot and lowering the highest spot) .  Wipe off any residue from this before moving to leather.  Linen will usually ‘pill’ a bit w/o something like this or an alternative solution in place, but its main aim is as an aid to the preparation surface’s contact with the edge, and it is brilliant at that.

Dovo 504171 Yellow Strop Paste 5ml is conditioning fat for the strop leather.  While neatsfoot oil is essentially an equal performer on top grain or full grain hides, it is best to use this tightly congealed stuff with Dovo’s strops or any other Solingen “split-side” (suede type) strops-it works really well and other ‘strop dressings’ don’t play as kindly with these types of hides.  Use sparingly; a wafer thin coat weekly or so is all you’ll need forever if not in an arid environment (if you live where it gets extremely dry you’ll need to use this regularly).

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