NTS Solingen Ergo Blue Titan 700 6″ Shears Scissors | INOX Rostfrei Stainless Steel with Titanium Coating | Made in Germany


NTS Solingen 700 6″ Ergo Titan Shears | Titanium Coating | Made in Solingen Germany

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The NTS Solingen Ergo Titan 700 is a heavily modern hairdressing scissor, featuring pretty much all the cutting edge developments employed by NTS in their productions.

Lowered shanks with the shoulder? Check.

Anti-allergic coating and hollow grinding to each inner blade plane with razor-sharp edges on the outsides? Yep.

If you took a regular #720 Ergo Silver Star series and gave it the more acute non-corrugated edges and the titanium finish, this is what you’d end up with…

Only produced in 6″ in the blue titanium coating; these runs with the different edge and the coating are costly, so they tend to pare it down to that which moves the most and nothing else.

Made by hand, primarily by one person, and that’s always a good bet for quality – you can’t hide from your own name!