Herold 91J Russian Leather Paddle Strop Foam Lined Wood | 1.6×7.9″ Stropping Area | Made in Solingen Germany


Herold 91J Russian Leather Paddle Strop Foam Lined Wood | Made in Solingen Germany

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The “Herold” #91J and #57Ri Paddle Strops are an ideal basis for your own pasting/spraying/etc. solutions – they arrive plain, nobody’s forcing you to pick something already in place here.

This #91J has their finest “Russian” type leather, while the #57Ri is their standard-issue cowhide on a loom; in each case this is a ‘split-side’ strop, meaning you’re running the razor on a suede type surface that was facing inside of the animal.

The 91J’s Russian leather has a small pad underneath the hide, to give the surface you’re stropping on a slight convexity and a nice springy/spongy feel.

Made in Solingen, Germany, the Herold collection of strops have not meaningfully changed in their production process for over one hundred years.

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