Nippes 18 Chiroform 5″ Shears Scissors for Beard or Hair | INOX Rostfrei Ice Tempered Stainless Steel | Excellent Choice for Ambidextrous Use | Made in Solingen Germany ¡NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE!


Nippes 18 Chiroform 5″ Ambidextrous Shears Hair Scissors | INOX Rostfrei Ice Tempered Stainless Steel | Made in Solingen Germany | EAN 4006691000189

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Nippes-Solingen is a traditional family owned and operated Solingen cutler producing a broad variety of excellent quality implements for tending to fingernails, toe nails, and cuticles.

The 18 “Chiroform” shears are 5″ scissors that are excellent for use in beard/mustache work as well as the hair on your head.    They’re unique in their perfect symmetry and chiroform design of the rings and shanks as well as the spacer bumper being between the rings at the crescent; if you’re a lefty, just use them in your hand with the writing on the scissor facing away from your palm.

100% made in Solingen, Germany.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1 in