NTS Solingen Maylily 450 5″ BT Beard and Mustache Scissors | INOX Rostfrei Stainless Steel | Titanium Finish | Made in Germany


NTS Solingen Maylily 450 5″ BT Beard and Mustache Scissors | INOX Rostfrei Stainless Steel | Titanium Finish | Made in Germany

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Germany’s Finest Quality Micro-Serrated Shears!

The NTS-Solingen Maylily 450 combines the old-school micro-serrated edge and centered-rings-and-shanks style familiar to classic Euro shears with hollow-ground inner blade planes.   It is a truly high water mark among German shears as well as an ideal beard scissor in the right size for you.  Where else will you get hollow grinding along with the vital micro-serration that any beard scissor simply must have?   If there’s anyone else doing that, it is news here.     The ultraüberschere #450-BT adds the quite costly effect of black titanium coating, which gives a different feel to the rings as well as completely prohibits any allergic reactions a small percentage of people can endure from the mere presence of nickel in the stainless steel formulations…you get hollow grinding, micro-serration, a finger rest and rubber bumper…simply put, this SKU is very the world’s very best 4.5″ scissor born to task of beard/mustache maintenance.

Hollow Grinding Makes All the Difference

Rarely seen on German micro-serrated {aka catch cut} shears, NTS sets a higher standard for the feel of your scissor.  The hollow grind reduces the size of the inner contact patch.  As a result you have better control, and more intuitive feel, with that same familiar edge type.  The micro-serrated’s durability and catch-and-hold advantages pair with the lighter scissoring feel associated with hollow grinding to make the highest standard in all of Solingen.

One Razor Edge, One Serrated Edge

NTS-Solingen prefers to craft their scissors with one outer edge razor sharp, the other with micro-teeth serration.  You get the durability and catch-and-hold advantages of micro-serration with the lighter scissoring feel associated with hollow ground inner blade planes.  The micro-serrated shears are perfect for beard and mustache trimming for their control and durability.

Standard-Style Ice-Tempered 56HRc Stainless Steel

NTS purchases their untempered forged steel blanks from the same folks supplying all of the Solingen Master Grinders, and it is a durable stainless steel with a 56HRc Rockwell rating.  This steel is ice tempered for an excellent combination of durability without micro-chipping.  Thus, if you fancy the catch-cut-style edge type for head hair, the Maylily is both an ideal beard scissor and hairdressing scissor alike.   In the “BT” model here, titanium coating is added so that those allergic to the required presence of nickel in the formulation of stainless steel will not develop redness upon their fingers from using the scissor – it also adds a nice tactile touch to the rings (makes them a bit more grippy), and of  course looks terrific!


Removable Rest, Adjustable Screw, and Bumper

Each Maylily German shear has a removable screw-in finger rest with a bit of textured end.  The brass center screw is carefully adjusted for tension by the Master Grinder in Solingen.  If you wish to adjust, this is permissible, but do so just ~5-10° at a time.  Test the action before loosening/tightening further.  A plastic bumper between the rings is also included.

Truly Handmade in Great Solingen Master Grinder Tradition

The NTS-Solingen line are made entirely by hand in Solingen, Germany.  This small company has but a few pairs highly trained hands on the scissors themselves.  Furthermore, each master grinder has immense experience.  You’ll not find superior quality in any handmade German scissor.  Larger companies use computerized machines for many steps, their master grinders merely aligning and test the final joined blades.    Not so for NTS; all manual rules the day here, with the immense pride coming from a familial name laser-engraved upon the product.

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